28 years later

Azrael's Thoughts Vol. 3
I've never been in a hole like this.
Old Dog was pissed.

There’s no other way to put it. He was furious about the Moonriders, about the Rumblers, oh and about the dead bodies out front. He assigned each of us to punishment; I thought that was bad but it got worse.

So the next day I went to work out in the yard. It was tedious to be sure but suddenly the ground swallowed me.

I awoke in the evening standing in a dark forest outside a large tower. Not sure exactly where I was I strode in tentatively, black cloak flowing out behind me. I opened the giant door to the tower took in my surroundings. The tower was furnished, red rugs with gold trim running along the center of all the hallways. There paintings of various different paintings along the walls, a castle set on a hillside, a full moon, a pack of wolves, a field of red rose bushes, and a man rowing a small boat among others.

The place had a frightening emptiness, it seemed as if I walked the halls of the tower for weeks without running into anyone. I could sense the dread and all consuming fear building up in me as I continued to move up the tower. For some reason I knew what I sought was at the top of the tower; and it kept gnawing at me that this place was somehow familiar.

I finally reached the top of the tower and stood before an ornate double door engraved with a demonic head on each door. I swore the eyes moved on the one! However when I took a moment to examine them I could see no movement. I slowly crept the door open waiting for an ambush or some kind of trap… but there was nothing except for a cool breeze whipping through the room. The room itself was lavishly decorated with haunting black curtains with red trim on the windows, a large gold trim full body mirror, and a huge red and black canopy bed.

On the bed was a woman in a white dress with flowing dark black hair, it was her the one I had come here for. My heart raced uncontrollably and my legs felt heavy as I moved towards the bed, I finally found her. My nights had been haunted since I lost her, but now she was here right in front of me. I laid my hand on her shoulder and she gasped as I startled then sharply turned to see me. She smiled and her eyes filled with joy when she realized it was me. It was so perfect that moment, I’d searched so long and to finally have her back; I’d never leave her side again.

I couldn’t searched for the words to say, my tongue had betrayed me in this moment so I just stared into those eyes of hers, those beautiful eyes, those eyes…. those eyes had changed, they were opened wide as if in fear. I spun around and looked behind me, it was…. him.

I woke up in a sinkhole of sorts in the Old Dog’s yard. Not much worse for wear other than a terrible pain in my side. It was the dagger on my belt, it must have been digging into my side while I was unconscious. I took it off the belt and held it for a moment; it had been a gift from Baron when he took me as an apprentice.

I couldn’t help but wonder why I had given up the dagger for the blade. Was it because Old Dog took it from me upon my arrival? Or to move on from my past after Baron died? I sat there in the hole for an hour or so with the dagger seeking answers but finding none. Finally I climbed myself out of the hole, since no one had come to help.

Azrael's Thoughts Vol. 2
Beacon of Light


I always liked the rain. Rain brings darkness which makes it easier to hide. Rain empties the streets which makes it easier to get away without being seen. Rain gives one a reason to put their hood up.

I to walk as well, even in the rain. Sometimes being in motion helps make things simpler. Moving with a purpose is always easier than just sitting around. I felt the need to clear my head today so I decided to go for a walk. I needed to go for a walk.

It’s funny the way things can turn out. I spent the past two years complaining about how boring things were living with Old Dog, but now things have suddenly taken a turn in another direction. Apparently a group calling themselves the moonriders came to Old Dog the other day; I was returning from one of my ‘excursions’ so I’m not certain what happened, but they had an argument and then departed. My siblings were not sure what had happened either, I assume they were all still enthralled by the ‘Mighty Spoon of Infinite Gruel’… morons.

Old Dog was not up for speaking about it so the brain trust decided that the best approach was to question the moonriders about it. Great idea lets infiltrate the base of a group we know nothing about, whats next walk around the cliffs on an overcast night without a lantern? In the end though it either go with them or sit around the orphanage, so I went.

We went to the lair in the sewers, not very original, but the true surprise was that they were infected. Lycanthropy, Baron had spoken of it before. I had thought it was just a story they told to scare kids; it appears I was wrong. Regardless I took the opportunity to scout out their defenses. While I was unimpressed with their forces it seemed like a good idea to set up a potential alliance. If they can help me get my revenge on Lesini then any price is worth it, and I can always double cross them if necessary.


Walking makes things simple, but battle makes things downright instinctive. When in battle everything flows as it should, it just feels right. There’s been a lot of fighting lately and I feel right at home taking the lives of others.

The Rumblers set an ambush for us on our way back from the Moonriders hideout. It was a bloodbath, but what happened next made me feel truly alive in battle. The Rumblers were not done with us after the ambush. My brothers went in to talk to Old Dog but I stayed outside for some air and to think; that’s when I saw them approaching.

Some Rumbler’s and that one nasty goon who has a beef with the demon strode towards the orphanage. I knew they hadn’t seen me leaning against the wall so I chose not to give up the advantage of being hidden. My brother’s quickly rushed out to meet the challenge of the Rumbler’s, they all ignored me except for one.

The little bastard down the street shot at me, he must have seen me from the light of the door shining through when my brothers rushed out. The shot was true and the bolt tore into my thigh as he ducked around the side of the house. Swearing vengeance I rushed around the house, the little bastard was shocked that I had closed the distance so swiftly as evidenced by the look on his face. That would be the look on his face when he died, as I ended his existence in one fell swoop. There is a lesson to be learned here; never hurt the assassin.

Feeling the rush of battle I could not contain myself and quickly turned to pounce on another of the Rumbler’s. I flew across the courtyard towards my adversary, but my leg was hurt worse than I had at first realized. It affected my footing and my strike was to be errant…. but I am after all an elf, and if I’m not agile than what am I? I deftly rolled with my momentum and struck the truest of blows with my foe never even seeing his death approach. Which brings us to another lesson; never ignore the assassin.

After that it was a numbers game and we really could not be defeated. I had the last one at my mercy and he begged for his life but I remembered Barons teachings, ‘Never let an enemy leave the battle, for they may grow stronger and seek revenge.’So I killed the defenseless man and I could tell instantly that it bothered Old Dogs children.

We were victorious in the battle and I…

“Excuse me sir.”, bumping into someone on the street ripped my focus out of my memories and into the present. He just looked at me with a hollow stare and limped along almost woodenly like a puppet.

I was outside the Temple of Kenaan, perhaps some sort of service had just ended as there were a few dozens people all filing out. They seemed much like the elderly man I had ran into, more like part of the scenery than actors in the play. I stood out side the temple of Kenaan for some time watching the lifeless people go through the motions and for reasons that are foreign to me I found it bothersome. What was the point? I mean to all of this? These people look lost, downtrodden, forgotten, irrelevant. Wasn’t this the great Syxxstedding? Ruled over by the mighty Lord Aberron? Was this not supposed to be the last Beacon of Light in a world gone wrong?

I began walking again, hopefully it would clear my mind.

Azrael's Thoughts Vol. 1
It can always get worse

This has been the worst two years of my life; and that’s saying something. I’m stuck in this gods forsaken orphanage with hardly any food, no bed, no room and don’t even get me started on the horrific odor of the dwarves. Granted I’ve dealt with worse in my day, but it’s just so damn boring around here. I bet the old crones at the temple have more excitement at the convent.

I thought I would finally leave this place soon and seek revenge for my masters death; if it is true that Lesini set us up. The other day though things got very interesting. The retarded dwarf went underground and got himself outside the walls and in some trouble with a band of Orcs. Personally I would have let the smelly bastard (seriously do dwarves eat goblin feces or does ale just make you smell bad?) get what was coming to him but the prospect of actually doing something forced me to go rescue him.

We had to climb through this tiny tunnel to get underground but it barely larger than Dmitri’s size, I mean hello have you looked at us? We’re quite larger than gnomes even though there’s no food. Not to mention how did he get the Dwarf to go through that tiny orifice in the first place, I’ll have to ask Dmitri how that went down.

I chose to take point since I’m far more accustomed to danger than the rest of these boys, although the demon seems like he knows how to handle himself in a fight, he could prove useful if he’s willing to do what it takes to get the job done. I’ll be keeping an eye on him, he’s got potential.

I digress, as I was entering the tunnel however the oddest thing happened, I was stopped in my tracks by visions. I thought things like that only happened to Arcanists, but apparently not for these visions were so vivid, so real it paralyzed me. I can still remember them clearly a dark haired woman in a white dress moving towards me with elegant and graceful steps, roses still fresh and fully bloomed with a dark crimson color, and a shadow some dark figure, indistinct and difficult to make out.

Not wanting to show weakness I acted as if nothing had happened and moved on into the hole. Eventually we came upon a large gorge which we had to use a rope to swing across, that was actually fun. After that we ran into the walking dead, ah how I missed the pleasure of killing or re-killing. Whatever you call it the thrill of battle was intoxicating. We later ran into more of these abominations and it was just as joyful butchering them the second time as it was the first.

Of course things went astray when when entered those damned doors and sprung some kind of magical trap. The spells just kept popping off and while it did knock the wind out of me I quickly gathered myself and sought my vengeance against the green vagabonds.

Unfortunately we were able to save the odorous ale tankard, and the whole thing started over a fight for a spoon. It was a magic spoon that makes gruel, BLOODY GRUEL! I was so infuriated that we did all this for nothing. Of course the dullards were in their glory, we killed stuff and got gruel. Well Jack of Tides for you dolts; I’m a bloody assassin, I kill people and my services are revered and paid handsomely for. I don’t save smelly Dwarves (or travel with people who can’t afford footwear, I mean seriously why doesn’t the human wear shoes? What is he a bloody Halfling, BUY SOME BOOTS!, or do it the old fashioned way and steal some) and I don’t get excited about gruel. I’m a bloody ASSASSIN!

Well if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that it can always get worse, and knowing luck it probably will.

prelude ending

so did anybody pick up on the town of forton

Big Day on the Site
Did more here than on my own, lol!

Hey everyone, for those of you who check, but not thoroughly, there’s a lot of new content on the site today. So if you need something to read or just want to get educated on Arlind have a look around. Those who take a more divine approach to their PC should really appreciate it. -Jim-

What's new is new again!

Hey congrats on the site MR. DM. Nice thief work, err wait that died with second edition, nice rogue work. lol.

I hope your site surpasses mine, i never really could get an idea as far as what I wanted to do with it. But come up with some good stuff and then with some rogue work of my own, I can improve my site. lol.

since we share the world, i really didnt steal this idea

i really loved the website bean set up for the other campaign so i figure since i have pretty much limitless time id bring my half of the world into the 21st century as well. coincidentally both hartlund and sandera are in the same place chronologically.if you didnt understand that it means in world, both campaigns (28 years later and sandera 2nd) are taking place at the same time. this wont be the first idea of his ill be co opting. im also going to attempt my hand at a more structured narrative style as opposed to the free wheeling of my past adventures. this also allows me to put alot of the stuff thats just been in my head down on paper for you guys to look at and maybe try and go explore. some of it will be familiar just changed over time but some will be completely new but the fun in a created world is knowing what you do and what you have done as a pc can and will have lasting impact on the world. so enough about me. what do i want you to do?

step one is to write up your character. this starts with rolling 4d6. if there are multiple ones in the pile re-roll them. if there one 1 in there drop that or your lowest stat instead. this means your character will have the chance to be above average but the variability will be greater. feel free to use an array if you dont have the time to meet up with me or want to get started on your character right away. after that just run through the steps in the character generator. feel free to include backgrounds (up to 6) but not spellscars or dragonmarks. all the races and classes are available except warforged. Ive pretty much pigeonholed you with your family history but feel free to expand its membership or be creative with your personal history. were you one of the original orphans to arrive or did old dog take you in later? do you have a favorite sibling? my intention is to give each of you at least one person your familiar with in the town but if you can think of any ideas let me know and we’ll work something out.

the 2nd step is to sign up for the website and upload your character. some of you are already signed up from the other campaign and it would be a real help if the rest of you could as well. i say this because to upload your character you need to be a member.the important part is the character bio part but the game stats can be helpfull as well. you can click the manage function in the character builder and copy and paste the crunch or email me the char file from the generator at Duffmandoesntdie@aim.com and ill put it up. but your character can be more than your stats even if they’re just a blurb.

3rd) check out the website and let me know what you think. its going to be a while until this gets going so ill be updating things as i get more feedback and things get closer. peak around in the world through the site and see if there people you want to meet or places you want to explore. see what the other guys are doing with their characters and see how your choices and powers interact with thiers. 4th edition is alot of teamwork and there are benefits to that but also play the character you want and dont let what someone else does get in the way of you enjoying the game. the most important rule is to have fun.

ex sat0 diem – ancient language sometimes translated as “the will of the god Sato” and other times as “the dick behind the screen”

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