28 years later

Azrael's Thoughts Vol. 2

Beacon of Light


I always liked the rain. Rain brings darkness which makes it easier to hide. Rain empties the streets which makes it easier to get away without being seen. Rain gives one a reason to put their hood up.

I to walk as well, even in the rain. Sometimes being in motion helps make things simpler. Moving with a purpose is always easier than just sitting around. I felt the need to clear my head today so I decided to go for a walk. I needed to go for a walk.

It’s funny the way things can turn out. I spent the past two years complaining about how boring things were living with Old Dog, but now things have suddenly taken a turn in another direction. Apparently a group calling themselves the moonriders came to Old Dog the other day; I was returning from one of my ‘excursions’ so I’m not certain what happened, but they had an argument and then departed. My siblings were not sure what had happened either, I assume they were all still enthralled by the ‘Mighty Spoon of Infinite Gruel’… morons.

Old Dog was not up for speaking about it so the brain trust decided that the best approach was to question the moonriders about it. Great idea lets infiltrate the base of a group we know nothing about, whats next walk around the cliffs on an overcast night without a lantern? In the end though it either go with them or sit around the orphanage, so I went.

We went to the lair in the sewers, not very original, but the true surprise was that they were infected. Lycanthropy, Baron had spoken of it before. I had thought it was just a story they told to scare kids; it appears I was wrong. Regardless I took the opportunity to scout out their defenses. While I was unimpressed with their forces it seemed like a good idea to set up a potential alliance. If they can help me get my revenge on Lesini then any price is worth it, and I can always double cross them if necessary.


Walking makes things simple, but battle makes things downright instinctive. When in battle everything flows as it should, it just feels right. There’s been a lot of fighting lately and I feel right at home taking the lives of others.

The Rumblers set an ambush for us on our way back from the Moonriders hideout. It was a bloodbath, but what happened next made me feel truly alive in battle. The Rumblers were not done with us after the ambush. My brothers went in to talk to Old Dog but I stayed outside for some air and to think; that’s when I saw them approaching.

Some Rumbler’s and that one nasty goon who has a beef with the demon strode towards the orphanage. I knew they hadn’t seen me leaning against the wall so I chose not to give up the advantage of being hidden. My brother’s quickly rushed out to meet the challenge of the Rumbler’s, they all ignored me except for one.

The little bastard down the street shot at me, he must have seen me from the light of the door shining through when my brothers rushed out. The shot was true and the bolt tore into my thigh as he ducked around the side of the house. Swearing vengeance I rushed around the house, the little bastard was shocked that I had closed the distance so swiftly as evidenced by the look on his face. That would be the look on his face when he died, as I ended his existence in one fell swoop. There is a lesson to be learned here; never hurt the assassin.

Feeling the rush of battle I could not contain myself and quickly turned to pounce on another of the Rumbler’s. I flew across the courtyard towards my adversary, but my leg was hurt worse than I had at first realized. It affected my footing and my strike was to be errant…. but I am after all an elf, and if I’m not agile than what am I? I deftly rolled with my momentum and struck the truest of blows with my foe never even seeing his death approach. Which brings us to another lesson; never ignore the assassin.

After that it was a numbers game and we really could not be defeated. I had the last one at my mercy and he begged for his life but I remembered Barons teachings, ‘Never let an enemy leave the battle, for they may grow stronger and seek revenge.’So I killed the defenseless man and I could tell instantly that it bothered Old Dogs children.

We were victorious in the battle and I…

“Excuse me sir.”, bumping into someone on the street ripped my focus out of my memories and into the present. He just looked at me with a hollow stare and limped along almost woodenly like a puppet.

I was outside the Temple of Kenaan, perhaps some sort of service had just ended as there were a few dozens people all filing out. They seemed much like the elderly man I had ran into, more like part of the scenery than actors in the play. I stood out side the temple of Kenaan for some time watching the lifeless people go through the motions and for reasons that are foreign to me I found it bothersome. What was the point? I mean to all of this? These people look lost, downtrodden, forgotten, irrelevant. Wasn’t this the great Syxxstedding? Ruled over by the mighty Lord Aberron? Was this not supposed to be the last Beacon of Light in a world gone wrong?

I began walking again, hopefully it would clear my mind.



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