28 years later

Azrael's Thoughts Vol. 3

I've never been in a hole like this.

Old Dog was pissed.

There’s no other way to put it. He was furious about the Moonriders, about the Rumblers, oh and about the dead bodies out front. He assigned each of us to punishment; I thought that was bad but it got worse.

So the next day I went to work out in the yard. It was tedious to be sure but suddenly the ground swallowed me.

I awoke in the evening standing in a dark forest outside a large tower. Not sure exactly where I was I strode in tentatively, black cloak flowing out behind me. I opened the giant door to the tower took in my surroundings. The tower was furnished, red rugs with gold trim running along the center of all the hallways. There paintings of various different paintings along the walls, a castle set on a hillside, a full moon, a pack of wolves, a field of red rose bushes, and a man rowing a small boat among others.

The place had a frightening emptiness, it seemed as if I walked the halls of the tower for weeks without running into anyone. I could sense the dread and all consuming fear building up in me as I continued to move up the tower. For some reason I knew what I sought was at the top of the tower; and it kept gnawing at me that this place was somehow familiar.

I finally reached the top of the tower and stood before an ornate double door engraved with a demonic head on each door. I swore the eyes moved on the one! However when I took a moment to examine them I could see no movement. I slowly crept the door open waiting for an ambush or some kind of trap… but there was nothing except for a cool breeze whipping through the room. The room itself was lavishly decorated with haunting black curtains with red trim on the windows, a large gold trim full body mirror, and a huge red and black canopy bed.

On the bed was a woman in a white dress with flowing dark black hair, it was her the one I had come here for. My heart raced uncontrollably and my legs felt heavy as I moved towards the bed, I finally found her. My nights had been haunted since I lost her, but now she was here right in front of me. I laid my hand on her shoulder and she gasped as I startled then sharply turned to see me. She smiled and her eyes filled with joy when she realized it was me. It was so perfect that moment, I’d searched so long and to finally have her back; I’d never leave her side again.

I couldn’t searched for the words to say, my tongue had betrayed me in this moment so I just stared into those eyes of hers, those beautiful eyes, those eyes…. those eyes had changed, they were opened wide as if in fear. I spun around and looked behind me, it was…. him.

I woke up in a sinkhole of sorts in the Old Dog’s yard. Not much worse for wear other than a terrible pain in my side. It was the dagger on my belt, it must have been digging into my side while I was unconscious. I took it off the belt and held it for a moment; it had been a gift from Baron when he took me as an apprentice.

I couldn’t help but wonder why I had given up the dagger for the blade. Was it because Old Dog took it from me upon my arrival? Or to move on from my past after Baron died? I sat there in the hole for an hour or so with the dagger seeking answers but finding none. Finally I climbed myself out of the hole, since no one had come to help.



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