28 years later

since we share the world, i really didnt steal this idea

i really loved the website bean set up for the other campaign so i figure since i have pretty much limitless time id bring my half of the world into the 21st century as well. coincidentally both hartlund and sandera are in the same place chronologically.if you didnt understand that it means in world, both campaigns (28 years later and sandera 2nd) are taking place at the same time. this wont be the first idea of his ill be co opting. im also going to attempt my hand at a more structured narrative style as opposed to the free wheeling of my past adventures. this also allows me to put alot of the stuff thats just been in my head down on paper for you guys to look at and maybe try and go explore. some of it will be familiar just changed over time but some will be completely new but the fun in a created world is knowing what you do and what you have done as a pc can and will have lasting impact on the world. so enough about me. what do i want you to do?

step one is to write up your character. this starts with rolling 4d6. if there are multiple ones in the pile re-roll them. if there one 1 in there drop that or your lowest stat instead. this means your character will have the chance to be above average but the variability will be greater. feel free to use an array if you dont have the time to meet up with me or want to get started on your character right away. after that just run through the steps in the character generator. feel free to include backgrounds (up to 6) but not spellscars or dragonmarks. all the races and classes are available except warforged. Ive pretty much pigeonholed you with your family history but feel free to expand its membership or be creative with your personal history. were you one of the original orphans to arrive or did old dog take you in later? do you have a favorite sibling? my intention is to give each of you at least one person your familiar with in the town but if you can think of any ideas let me know and we’ll work something out.

the 2nd step is to sign up for the website and upload your character. some of you are already signed up from the other campaign and it would be a real help if the rest of you could as well. i say this because to upload your character you need to be a member.the important part is the character bio part but the game stats can be helpfull as well. you can click the manage function in the character builder and copy and paste the crunch or email me the char file from the generator at Duffmandoesntdie@aim.com and ill put it up. but your character can be more than your stats even if they’re just a blurb.

3rd) check out the website and let me know what you think. its going to be a while until this gets going so ill be updating things as i get more feedback and things get closer. peak around in the world through the site and see if there people you want to meet or places you want to explore. see what the other guys are doing with their characters and see how your choices and powers interact with thiers. 4th edition is alot of teamwork and there are benefits to that but also play the character you want and dont let what someone else does get in the way of you enjoying the game. the most important rule is to have fun.

ex sat0 diem – ancient language sometimes translated as “the will of the god Sato” and other times as “the dick behind the screen”



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