Fey Nobility

Elves and Eladrin are notoriously vain so few would admit subservience to another yet there does exist a hiaerchey of fey nobilty. fey titles denote strength of claim and noble bloodline. while the standing of said claim is predictable, confusion persists on the importance and role of each. the scarcity of such title gives us a clue to its importance. Known Figures are given as encountered

Streeak Jal Dru – the king of kings. a mythical figure only two have ever held this post.

the lords seasonal- (4) Autumn, Spring,King of Winter, Duke of Summer

The lords astral- (6)2 moons, Sun, Queen of Stars, King of Sky, Sea

the lords temperate (11) forest, fields, Kimg of Mountains etc

the lords metorlogical – (27) RainBaron, Snow StormDuke, etc

note the stark contrast to humans who denote nobility by place for even an emporrer of a contininent would hold less prestige then a Knight of Fields. also it gives us a clue as to thier relation to dwarves whose highest officeholder is the same king of the mountains.

Fey Nobility

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