The Kingdom of Overwatch is surrounded by the Eight Gates of the wall. Inside the wall is mostly arable farmland until you reach Trinity City home of Trinity Tower.

The kingdom is defined by what it calls the Holy Trinity.

There is no peace. There is the Way
There is no shelter. There is the Wall
There is no justice. There is the War

The way is the 3 laws or prohibitions inside overwatch.
1)violence is prohibited. there is governmental monopoly on force and no person shall harm another.
2)theft is prohibited all property serves the betterment of the community so theft from an individual is theft from the state.
3)Ignorance is prohibited all outsiders shall be greeted with the recitation of the trinity and every opportunity shall be taken to bring others in occordance with the way.

as there are only 3 laws there are only three sentences judged by motive and motive alone.

crimes ignorance shall be asked to stay and be educated to learn the better way of living.
crimes of negligence shall be asked to perform service to the community
crimes of malice shall be exiled. you may serve other in the war or you may run the choice is yours.

“Feedom is a myth. There is only choice and consequence” Lord General Cypher


28 years later Thacoschosen