A large town on the continent of Hartlund located west of the stonewall and north of the Ruanen . east of the Falling river and southeast of the lake of dreams. it is surrounded by the ruins of an ancient city of unknown origin.

populatiom 7,894

demographic breakdown(80% human 18% demihuman 2% other)

unique features : average age 31

government : feudal dictatorship

Ruler: Lord Aberron

City Sections :

New Haven – Located in the northwest corner of town, a rowdy group of upstarts has begun to establish themselves. putting out a call for all good people to come forward. Promises of a better tomorrow come cheap and so far have shown only a willingness for bloodshed.

Rock road- a gravel road which lead from the town gate to the enduring fortress

Laughing park – formerly a sprawling wooded park, it has since been converted into a communal seperates the wealthier inhabitants in the east from gatetown in the west

Stallville – home to the towns functionarires and feudal despots. located east of laughing park and north of rock road.

Gatetown- the area closest to the town gate west of laughing park. home to its poorest inhabitants.

The Corner – what passes for commerce goes on here home to the clergy,various merchants and well established crominals. the most intergrated part of town. located south of rock road and east of laughing park.

Southlip – the area between the wall of the town and laughing park. a violent area of the city beyond control. “take it to the lip” is said to describe resolution of a hostile altercation.

Notable Locations:

The Enduring Fortress The Hall of secrets the Cathedral of Kenaan The Altar of Night Oni’s Majesty

Notable organisations :

Daughters of Night Moonriders Keenannites Nightwatch Brotherhood of Purity Secretkeepers Axemaidens Rock Road Rumblers the jackals pup’s


28 years later Thacoschosen